So here is a list of all the GDR-approved housing companies in Rawalpindi where your investment is safe and where you can also plan the construction of a house in the future. The list is also available on the website of the Rawalpindi Development Authority. A NOC (No Objection Certificate) justifies the legal existence and development of a housing company. A housing association that has a NOC (No Objection Certificate) pending or that appears to be rejected by the competent authority in relation to NOC (No Objection Certificate) should not be prosecuted. Your investment must be guaranteed in a licensed housing association with a statutory NOC (Certificate of No Objection) completed by the development authority. If you are looking for a housing company conveniently located in Islamabad, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is the best in the real estate sector in Pakistan. The modernized housing association received its NOC with the registration number « DRG/PHATA/2176-2021 » from the NPHS (Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme). These are the companies that have legal status on the GDR`s website, and some of these companies are also aimed at cooperatives and some for government employees. A number of approvals from the designated planning authority are required for an approved housing project. Until a builder or developer has all these permits, investing in such a residential project is risky and is considered unapproved/illegal. Nor is it in people`s interest to consider investing in housing associations that have only received interim permits. When a business is approved by the city authority, investors easily invest money in it and the buyer feels safe when building a home in a licensed business.

Real estate is one of the largest companies in the world that requires a lot of capital, but on the other hand, also has a big profit. In recent years, the housing association building industry has become a trend across the country, and many scammers have taken advantage of this trend to set up illegal businesses. In order to develop such a brilliant and modernized housing association, the Blue Group of Companies has made it its mission to provide all standard facilities to its residents. At the same time, the world-renowned Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company is also involved in the development of Blue World City Islamabad. Blue World City Islamabad comes to the trend when you revise the list of GDR-approved companies, as the modern housing association has all the aesthetic infrastructure and basic facilities available. Whenever you invest in a licensed housing association in Rawalpindi, be sure to visit the website, go through all the relevant documents, the property`s ownership history, and most importantly, the housing association`s legal NOC (No Objection Certificate). Nova City developers are working on the development and design of the RDA-approved company. The developers of the Centaurus shopping center have now developed a new company – Taj Residencia. The goal was to sell it as a high-end real estate product. The Taj Residencia promises to offer its residents the best luxury residential projects in Rawalpindi.

The news of the second building of the Centaurus shopping center in this housing association has circulated. The most important feature you won`t find in any other GDR-approved housing association is Centaurus Mall with a rooftop roller coaster! RDA has awarded the NOC to Taj Residencia and is expected to be launched in 2019. Question: Does our sales representative in Peshawar offer you a RDA-NOC list? Blue World City is one of the GDR-approved housing companies. It is an affordable but exquisite housing company. This company is located on Chakri Road. Mr. Saad Nazir is the owner and The Blue Group of Companies is the developer of this company. Lord. Saad Nazir is the son of Chaudhry Nazir, former Deputy Commissioner of Lahore, and a well-known figure in the field of real estate. Mr. Saad Nazir has completed several projects in the past, for example: PIA Co-operative Society, Center Park Lahore, Blue Town Sapphire, Blue Mart and Blue Technologies as well as Blue World City is his latest residential project.

There are some of the best schools and basic amenities available for residents of these recognized GDR Rawalpindi companies. All these projects, highlighted in the GDR list of approved companies, have water, gas and electricity. Latest News 2022 – Recently, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) approved 20 housing associations after reviewing all documentation and publishing a list of these housing programs listed below. Answer: No, you should never invest in illegal GDR companies in 2022. You should always consult a sales expert or consultant who can tell you more about the official NOC RDA list. Abdullah City Islamabad has entered the final stages of development, with more than 60% of the infrastructure completed. The housing association offers its residents plots in small slices with all the essential standard amenities. One of the most important things to check before buying land for sale in Rawalpindi is the legal NOC (Certificate of No Objection) of the housing association. Before signing the documents or even signing the closing documents, consult the officially published list of companies approved by RDA 2022. There are several ecological, sustainable and modernized housing associations, but you will need to consult an expert and ask for transparent information before closing the deal.

As you know, Rawalpindi is the fourth largest city in Pakistan and also a hub for businesses and investors. There are hundreds of housing associations in Rawalpindi, but very few of them are approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Some undertakings are ongoing and others have been declared illegal by the GDR. New Metro City enjoys a prime location on GT Road Gujar Khan. Islamabad is 20 km away, Sarwar Shaheed College is 10 km away, THQ Hospital is 8.5 km away, Gujar Khan City is 8 km away and Dina City is 30 km from the company. Capital Smart City is Pakistan`s first smart city. It has smart and modern facilities and equipment that make it the most sophisticated company in the region. In addition, it falls into the category of housing corporations approved by the GDR. This smart city was launched on May 2, 2019. Capital Smart City is owned and developed by FDHL (Future Development Holdings Limited) and HRL (Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd.). The prime location of the Capital Smart City is the main success factor.

It is located about 9 kilometers from the M-2 Thalian interchange, near the Lahore-Islamabad highway. Islamabad International Airport is at a distance of 5-6 minutes drive from the company. Kingdom Valley will soon be added to the list of companies recognized by RDA Rawalpindi. Since then the modern housing association has not yet received an official NOK from the GDR. RDA issued the NOC to Blue World City in exchange for the letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. Status: 19.02.2019 Initially, the Company obtained preliminary building permits for approximately 427 canal lots, following which a new application for building and advertising permits for 5,000 canal lands was submitted. The application is still being processed. Abdullah City Islamabad is conveniently located near the Chakri Interchange on Chakri Road. The housing association is close to the CPEC route. RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) is an organization that takes action against illegal housing projects in Rawalpindi.

In addition, RDA issues the notice of approval to legal companies. When investing in a real estate project in Rawalpindi, make sure it is RDA approved to avoid fraud or fraud in the future. Here is the list of housing programs approved by the RDA! Question: Is it safe to invest in illegal GDR companies in 2022? Why is RDA approval required for a housing association? Blue World City (BWC) is owned by none other than the Blue Group of Companies. RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) issued a building permit to the housing association, while the NOC (Certificate of No Objection) was later completed and added to the list of companies approved by the GDR. RDA`s approval is urgent so that housing associations can prove to potential customers of real estate products that it is completely legal. The authorities have now published a list of housing associations approved by the GDR. It is difficult for a housing association to operate in the real estate market in Pakistan without the approval of these regulators. This will ultimately lead to lost sales and high losses.

This housing association offers residential and commercial land on a pocket budget. You can get your plot with easy installments. Click here to view Blue World City`s payment plan. CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Society has strived to provide the citizens of Rawalpindi with a quality standard of living at affordable prices. Following the success of the first phase in the real estate market in Pakistan, CBR ECHS is ready to launch phase 2. Following NOC approval in 2011, CBR Town will be added to the list of housing associations approved by the RDA. Phase 2 of the previous project is expected to meet all the needs of potential residents.