When I read it, I had to read it several times just to make sure I understood correctly – it was me. Chapter X – Section 9 of the Constitution of the State of Florida states very clearly that the state does not have retroactive effect for repealed laws! Although most of these strange laws are not enforced in practice, it is still important to stay informed. If you`re in trouble because of any of these or other, more well-known and perhaps more reasonable Florida laws, contact The Law Place today! We can connect you with one of our experienced and dedicated criminal defense or assault lawyers to help you get justice. Our team with over 75 years of combined experience is available 24 hours a day to help you no matter how strange a problem you encounter. This is one of the strange laws in Florida that is especially disturbing when you think about the popular spring break destination in Florida. Spring break usually involves a lot of singing and lots of swimsuits, and eventually these two will mix up! Of all the things that get into trouble with the law during spring break, singing in a swimsuit is not one of them. You also hear a lot about crazy laws that are still in the statutes of the original thirteen colonies, which makes sense. But we never talk much about the crazy laws that exist in Florida. Have you ever wondered why? Certainly.

This is one of the strange laws in Florida that is not just a law, but a crime itself! Who knows why Florida has decided that men can`t show off their beautiful strapless dresses, but the rule of thumb is that you should just plug in the suspenders and remove them when the cops show up! Well, that`s it for this list of 24 of Florida`s most sensationally bizarre laws. There`s a good chance we`ll be releasing more in the near future, so we hope you like and follow our site and check back regularly for new posts like this, or maybe even better. Of course, Florida is also often mentioned in newspapers with rather bizarre headlines. « Florida Man » — a notorious character who does the strangest things — is someone I`m sure we`ve all heard of. After reading the headlines about it, we probably wouldn`t be surprised to learn that there are some weird laws in Florida. But that`s only until we read them. Let me tell you, some of these weird laws in Florida are weird! In any case, the old laws against capture were only effective if poachers managed to capture or kill at least one animal. With the addition of Law 372,667, it became illegal to attempt to hunt or « harass » these creatures in their natural habitats. Those. The next thing you know is that they want to ban Midget Mud Wrestling! How do they expect these young millennials to survive puberty? And what about all these laws that affect the little people? Soon, Florida will ban the Wizard of Oz for exploiting the Lollipop guild. Here are some stupid laws in Florida that will blow you away.

For Floridians, Florida`s stupid laws are not as shocking as they are for foreigners. They considered them random laws in Florida. While you may not face extreme penalties for most of these violations, it`s always best to remain vigilant to avoid these strange legal consequences. If you`ve run into legal trouble for violating any of the above laws, contact a personal injury attorney in Tampa today for more information. While you may not feel affected by these particular laws if you need a criminal defense attorney or personal injury attorney, contact The Law Place today! Call us at (941) 444-4444 for your free consultation. This of the strange laws in Florida must be aimed at schoolchildren, but how can we blame them for reacting when the teacher asks what sound an elephant makes? It turns out that Florida creates criminals at the age of 5! While this is often considered one of the strange laws in Florida, it`s not true – you don`t need a license to skateboard in Florida. That`s because skateboarders are considered pedestrians. However, you are prohibited from skateboarding at a Miami police station. It`s hard not to fall in love with some of the bizarre and outdated laws that still dot our history books. There are tons of strange laws in Florida that really make you wonder about the story behind them.

For example, if you hear the first of the illegal things in Florida that we mention, you will wonder what was going on at the time for a legislature to pass something like that. Maybe too many beach musicals? Take a look at these strange things in Florida that are or were once illegal. What the hell, as long as I can publicly float an unlimited amount of airy cookies until 5:59:59, I`m good. Even Dracula had his curfew, now I have mine. Talk about strange laws in Florida. Most of us have heard the crazy stories about the plethora of crazy laws that every state still has in its books. More than anywhere else, this is true for the Midwestern border states. Im 18.

and 19. In the nineteenth century, as North American settlers began to itch real estate and follow in the footsteps of pioneers of exploration Lewis and Clark westward, it quickly became necessary for our emerging civilization to pass improvised laws that solved immediate problems without really thinking about the longevity of legislation. Unlike other laws in Florida, this law is not foreign to what it enforces, but more importantly to the fact that it must be applied in the first place. Florida law 0316.1945 specifies that you cannot park your vehicle at an intersection, otherwise you will receive a ticket. However, I hope you will not park your vehicle at an intersection, not because you do not want to get a ticket, but because it is extremely dangerous. Laws exist to protect citizens and protect the rights of all. However, not all laws make sense, and every state has a few laws that are confusing or simply outdated. Florida is no exception; Many laws no longer make sense. Here are some examples of some of Florida`s strangest laws. What do you think of these strange laws in Florida? Some sound a bit dated, right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section! Or if you have more fun facts about Florida that you`d like to share, be sure to call them too! Thanks for the comment! Many of these unusual laws are not enforced (although they certainly can be if they are in force).