If your proof of identity does not reflect your current full name, you will need to provide documentation of any name changes. To legally change your name, you must prepare all necessary court forms and submit them to the appropriate court. For a detailed description of what this means, see How to Change Your Name in California. This form of identification verifies who you claim to be by allowing the bank to match your face to your name. You can bring your driver`s license, government-issued ID card, or passport as proof of your identity. If you need a driver`s license or government-issued ID, below are some tips on how to get it. NOTE: The middle name and suffix, even if they are not part of the official name as defined by SSA, should be used to resolve situations where the identity of the applicant or number holder is questioned. If a person claims to have legally changed gender, USCIS may recognize that request based on the following documents: Generally, the official name of a person born in the United States is the name given on their U.S. birth certificate (including hyphens and apostrophes), unless the person`s name has changed due to certain events, e.g. a marriage or a valid court order for a name change. When issuing immigration documents, the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security generally issue them in the person`s legal name.

The legal name is usually also the name under which the foreign passport was issued. If you use a confirmation name or other last name as a middle name that is not included on your proof of identity (birth certificate or passport) and you do not have legal documents – such as a court order – reflecting the name change, this is not acceptable to REAL ID under federal regulations. Given name(s) = full first name and middle name, each of which may consist of more than one part; and A name that identifies a person for legal, administrative and other official purposes. A person`s first legal name is usually the person`s name given for birth registration purposes, which then appears on a birth certificate, but may change later. Most jurisdictions require the use of a legal name for all legal and administrative purposes, and some jurisdictions allow or require a name change to be registered upon marriage. The legal name may need to be used on various government-issued documents (such as a court order). The term is also used when a person changes their first or full name, usually after reaching a certain legal age (usually 18 years or older). If the required documents contain very different names, do not accept evidence to process the Social Security Number application. In these cases, the applicant must provide SSN proof showing the same name or provide proof of name change after the immigration document is issued in accordance with RM 10212.010. After making a legal name change, you can have the deeds and property records changed if you wish.

We think it`s best to keep only a copy of your name change document along with your notarial deed, trust, or other ownership documents. The time and cost required to amend these registrations can be spent on the sale, refinancing or transfer of securities. To get a copy of your name change, you usually have a photocopy of the original document and then have it confirmed by an administrator. The certification process includes: NOTE: The documents listed can also be used as proof of legal presence, with the exception of items marked with a (**). Source documents must be original and include your full name and date of birth. Expect additional charges if you request a copy of your name change order by mail. The district officer may allocate certain amounts for these expenses. If you process your application by mail order, you can expect a waiting period of up to six weeks. Rush orders usually need to be handled personally. The construction of foreign names varies from culture to culture. For example, birth certificates for some countries display names in this order: last name, middle name, first name. This is in contrast to most birth certificates issued in the United States, which display names in that order: first name, middle name, last name.

[3] In California, the Department of Public Health controls and manages them for anyone born in California. If you were born elsewhere, you should contact the appropriate agency for the state or country of your birth. Most adults never bother to get a modified birth certificate after you legally change your name. Parents of infants born in California often want to have one. Certified copy of name change: This is a document often requested by organizations that require proof of your new name.3 min spent reading The name on your Social Security card is NOT proof of a name change. Many people have variations of their real legal name printed on their Social Security card, which can be a problem. If your birth certificate or the name on your citizenship certificate doesn`t match the name on your Social Security card, you`ll probably need a legal name change document to straighten it all out. NOTE: For international students (F-1 and M-1), consider the name on Form I-20 as the legal name. For exchange visitors (D-1), consider the name on the DS-2019 as the official name. For more information, see RM 10211.295 and RM 10211.375. This information can come from a number of documents, but is necessary to prove where you live. A utility bill, credit card statement, lease or mortgage statement serves as proof of residence.

If you run out of paper, print a statement from your online account. Each school has a process for changing legal names upon registration. Schools often do this, for minors and adults. These changes are such that you have linked your school credit to your new legal name. The registrar or registrar is where you want to make the change. It won`t take much time. 1 visit to the office with your certified or original name change document should do this. A marriage certificate alone is usually not sufficient proof of a name change. It is a certified copy of the marriage certificate that can prove that your name has been legally changed. But not always. If your marriage certificate shows your married name, this is an appropriate legal name change document. Because a person`s middle name or suffix is not considered part of the legal name by SSA, a middle name that appears in the first name, or a suffix that appears in the last name, may be omitted or entered in the middle name and suffix fields of the census system.

If the applicant has a multi-part first name and does not claim to have a middle name, the multiple parts must be entered as a first name.