I have been a member since 1990 and have advised myself and my students mainly on medical issues. This is the first time I have contacted for the legal department and you have been very helpful and « on site » as well as the medical team! The LPBA is an international non-profit bar association that promotes aviation law through its quarterly magazine and biannual CLE resort meetings. There are membership categories for lawyer pilots, pilots, lawyers, law students and anyone interested in aviation, aviation safety and law. Our members include approximately 600 lawyers and aviation enthusiasts with an annual fee of only $119 ($49 for law students). Our lead counsel, Scot Williams, is an FAA-licensed commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings and has logged over 3,000 flight hours. He is a frequent facilitator at AirVenture and many aviation organizations, and is an advocate for AOPA pilot protection services (also known as the Legal Services Plan). For 15 years, he owned a Cirrus SR20, where he slowly earned a PhD in aircraft maintenance costs from Hard Knocks University. Scott now flies a Cirrus SR22T. He is an active member of the Malibu M-Class Owners and Pilots Association and the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association, of which he is past president. ALPA lawyers help formulate and process requests for interpretation of existing regulations as issues are developed, and advise and assist National Officers, National Committees, Delta MEC and individual pilots like you in accepted interpretations of these regulations.

This close contact means that ALPA lawyers have a long history and familiarity with the intricacies of the regulations you work under every day. This ready expertise means our lawyers can answer questions instantly and do so day and night, so you don`t have to make that tricky call yourself. Answer your questions in real time. When a question arises about an interpretation of the Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), each Delta pilot is just a phone call away from answering. The experience and insights gained by ALPA lawyers in advising national committees, developing responses to rule-making, and working closely with government and industry officials on key regulatory issues create an unparalleled knowledge base that Delta pilots can access every day. 24 hours a day, wherever they are in the world. Avoidance of exemptions from the rules. ALPA lawyers oversee and coordinate ALPA`s efforts to resist any attempt at piecemeal exemptions from flight time regulations. This vigilance is essential to prevent the erosion of these regulations and protects every Delta pilot as well as the safety standards of the entire pilot profession. Development of guidelines for EPIRBs. ALPA provides legal and technical support in the development of guidelines for ultra-long-haul flights (single-haul ULR flights longer than 16 hours). ALPA has worked with the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IFALPA) to develop guidelines for the operation of these flights and continues to work with ICAO to develop a recommended practice for these flights.

ALPA`s lawyers and technical staff will actively work on any rules that arise on this issue. Only ALPA provides Delta pilots with the global voice they need to develop global policy. Coordination of responses to scheduling problems. ALPA lawyers assist Delta MEC`s planning committee representatives in changing industry schedules and undertaking collective bargaining initiatives. Coordination of responses to pilot fatigue reports. ALPA lawyers and technical staff work closely with your national leaders and the ALPA Fatigue Working Group, Collective Bargaining Committee and Time/Duty Committee to coordinate ALPA`s response to pilot fatigue reports. The Federal Aviation Administration is your friend until they are no more. When incidents, accidents or FAR violations occur, certified pilots and mechanics need an experienced aviation lawyer who knows how to manage both the investigation process with the District Flight Standards Office and certificate enforcement. Our lawyers handle appeals before administrative judges of the National Transportation Safety Board (also known as NTSB hearings). If necessary, we will continue to fight in other appeals to the entire NTSB and federal courts.